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The most popular music groups of Korean music culture; BTS, EXO, Twice, BlackPink, Red Velvet, MAMAMOO, (G) I-DLE, Wanna One, NCT, Got7, SEVENTEEN, Monsta X, Stray Kids, WINNER, ASTRO and TXT. We offer you HD quality, aesthetic designed wallpapers of all famous K-Pop groups. You can download wallpapers that are compatible with iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi, LG, Huawei and all other mobile phones from our site. Also download our cool wallpapers designs for Laptop, PC and Tablet. You can download the most special KPop Wallpapers we prepared for the year 2021 on our site. You can write comments about kpop groups you are a fan of on our site. We can also design kpop wallpapers for you according to your special requests. Write to us if you want a wallpaper about which band or song or celebrity by contacting us.

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Where does K-Pop come from?

K-Pop is a special music genre from South Korea. It is similar to the Japanese J-pop. The main characteristic of K-pop is that it is sung in Korean. Therefore, it is not the origin of the artists that is decisive for the classification, but the language of the songs. A singer who comes from Korea but sings in English would therefore not be assigned to the “K-pop” category.

How long has K-pop existed and how did this culture develop?

The roots of today’s K-pop go back to the 19th century. For historical reasons – the country was repeatedly under foreign occupation – Korean culture is strongly influenced by Japanese and American influences. This is also reflected in the music, among other things. In the 1990s, the group Seo Taiji and Boys, who incorporated Western elements from the genres of rap, rock and techno into their music, created a new direction in Korean pop music – K-pop was born. Since then, new bands have mushroomed and the music genre has become a real youth culture.

What is K-pop culture?

K-pop culture is increasingly becoming a worldwide phenomenon. K-pop bands now fill huge concert halls in this country as well and have an enormous fan base worldwide. The videos of these teen idols receive millions of clicks on platforms like YouTube and often even outshine megastars like Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber. At the latest since the global success “Gangnam Style” by Psy, Korean music has been on everyone’s lips. K-pop is a colorful mixture of different genres as well as Asian and Western influences. The stars of the scene are presented as flawless and the performances are staged down to the smallest detail. Many K-pop idols undergo numerous plastic surgeries at the beginning of their careers and the fans follow suit – especially in the capital Seoul, this is already a frightening trend among teenagers.

What are the most famous K-Pop groups?

Among the most famous K-pop groups that also have many fans in Germany are BTS (Bangtan Boys), EXO (split into EXO-M for the Chinese version and EXO-K for the Korean version), Big Bang, Got 7 and Black Pink. Many of the K-pop bands record their songs in different languages to serve the widest possible audience in different countries. Especially in countries like China and Malaysia, K-pop has millions of followers. Here, the music serves to break down barriers between different populations. To a certain extent, this has also been achieved by the girl group Red Velvet, which was the first K-pop band to be allowed to perform in Pyongyang, North Korea – a milestone in the rapprochement between the two countries, which are officially still in a state of war.

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